Role-Playing Game Professional Level 1 Training Workbook, Third Edition (26 SESSIONS VERSION)

For Recreation & Leisure, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare & Therapeutic, Leadership, and Other Professionals, Supported by 45+ Years of Research & Evidence in Practice

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A Workbook For Role-Playing Game Service Provider Professionals Supported By Over 45 Years of Research and Evidence-in-Practice For Recreation, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Therapeutic, and Other Professionals Using Applied Tabletop, Live-action, Electronic, and Hybrid Role-Playing Games to Achieve Measurable Results. by W.A. Hawkes-Robinson ("Hawke Robinson").

All levels of role-playing game professionals will benefit from the content supported by this workbook. Whether you an absolute novice with no prior RPG experience, or a grizzled gaming grognard, you will likely gain insights about this modality you never even imagined when seeing the title is related to gaming!

Everyone who completes the training supported by this workbook comes out the other end a dramatically changed person, for the better, through the insights and growth stimulated by these programs.


This is a study and training workbook. This is not s self-study guide nor an instruction manual. This workbook is meant to to help track your training progression, and become a reference manual upon completion of your RPG Professional Level 1 training by an authorized training provider. As such we recommend the physical print editions.

This is a workbook, not a training book or study guide. The answers to the questions presented in this workbook are not included. You are expected to find the answers through attending recommended free or for-fee authorized training service providers, or using the resources listed herein to research and find the answers on your own.

For the Certified Role-Playing Game Professional Level 1 Certification Study Guide, see:


ChangeLog Overview:

Changing from 18 sessions to 26 sessions so that the tougher sessions are less overwhelming for some.

Replacing references to out of print Adventures in Middle-earth with new in-print Lord of the Rings RPG.

Replacing references to out of print The One Ring Role-Playing Game (TOR) with the in-print Second Edition TOR2.

Replacing most of the BECMI D&D hands-on play references (except the introductory portions) with the new upcoming (still working on catchy titles) Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game (BFRPG) adventures.

Adding The Dark Crystal RPG to the hands-on sessions.

Adding The Labyrinth RPG to the hands-on sessions.

Adding Golden Sky Stories RPG to the hands-on sessions.

Adding newer Audio RPG listings as needed.

Adding new VR/AR/xR RPG listings as available.

Adding newer Brain-Computer Interface RPG ( hands-on session information.

Adding more diagrams of the various theories and models.

Adding references and citations to the upcoming W.A. Hawkes-Robinson, RPG Research, and RPG Therapeutics books coming out between this February through April 2023.:

  1. Study Guide for the Certified Role-Playing Game Professional Game Master Level 1 Certification Volume 1
  2. Therapeutic Application of Role-Playing Gaming and Role-Playing Game Therapy Theory and Practice, Volume 1
  3. Collected Works of RPG Research Volume 1
  4. The Collected Works of W.A. Hawkes-Robinson Volume 1

And the other books coming out later in the year:

  1. Role-Playing Game Professionals Handbook of Practice Volume 1 - Principles and Procedures. Second Edition
  2. Role-Playing Game Professional Level 1 Training Instructors Manual, Fourteenth Edition (26 SESSIONS VERSION) (Volume 1)
  3. The BFRPG Solo Adventure Module 1 (title pending)
  4. The BFRPG Solo Adventure Module 2 (title pending)
  5. The BFRPG Game Masters First Group Adventure Module (title pending)
  6. The BFRPG Game Master's Second Group Adventure Module (title pending)


Detailed Outline of Third Edition Level 1 RPG Pro Workbook 

This Outline is Still being finalized, this is the current draft, there may be changes before final publication.

95% of the content already exists in the Second Edition, but based on our latest iterations of research and evidence-in-practice, feedback from trainees, we're breaking up the chapters that were more overwhelming into smaller bite size pieces, replacing some out of print content with new in-print replacements


   Front Cover: Dark Red background

   Spine: Dark red background

   Rear Cover: Dark red background

"Front Matter":

   Interior Front Pages before ToC:












Foreword - usually written by someone else – and, if possible, has links to what the book is about.

Preface: Why This Book? - written by the author of the book ("background to the book. The reason for it being written."

   Is This The Right Book For You?

   Lack of Professional Standards Leads to Harm

   An Opensource and Open science by Design Approach

   The World's Highest Standards in RPG Professional Services Training

   Learn More About the Role-Playing Game Professional Services Industry

   This is Just One Approach, There are Others

Introduction: about the contents of the book ("How the book will help the reader on their understanding of the subject, and why it’s important to understand the points brought up in the book.") between 4 and 8 pages

  How To Use and Make the Most of This Workbook

  List of What You Will Need to Acquire If Not Training In-Person On-site

  Workbook & Training Structure Overview

  Additional Workbook Structure Information

  Attendance Check-in


  Baseline Assessment Quiz

  Why Are the Quizzes Listed Twice?

  Don't Jump Ahead on the Baseline Quizzes

  Training Sessions Outline

    Applied Gaming Sessions Part 1

    Theory, Lecture, and Discussion

    Tips, Tricks, and Tools of the Trade

    Applied Gaming Sessions Part 2

    Session Quiz Redux

    Optional Professionals Quiz

    Optional Session Completion Exam


    Assigned Tasks

    Peer Review Sessions

    Learning PC Awards

    Other Awards Earned

    Session Journal Entry

    Attendance Check-out

  Work on Assigned Tasks Between Sessions

  Participate in Supervised "Giving Back to the Community" Authorized Sessions Between Training

  Requirements for Using This Workbook

  Additional Requirements

  No Prior RPG Experience Required for Level 1 Training

  Learning Tools and Example Learning Requirements

  Recreation Training Pathways

  Entertainment Training Pathways

  Educational Training Pathways

  Therapeutic Training Pathways

  Level 1 Potential Roles

    RPG Player

    RPG Player Archetype Specialist (PAS)

    RPG GM

    RPG Advocate

    RPG Facilitator

    RPG Designer/Developer/Writer/Coder

    ??? any others?

  We Help You Learn How to Play Better Before You Attempt to Run Games As A GM

  Experienced Game Masters Need to Keep In Touch With the Player Experience

  Typical Training Session Duration

  Typical Steps in GM Training Process

  Why Professional Standards Matter

  A Multidisciplinary Approach

  Recreational Therapy & Therapeutic Recreation

  Compassion Focused Therapy

  Cognitive Neuropsychology and Multidisciplinary Neurosciences Approach

  Multiple Diverse Hands-on Role-Playing Game Systems and Settings

  Games Evaluation and Ratings Flowchart


Session 1: Orientation Part 1 of 2

  Introduction to RPG Research

    The non-profit RPG Research Workflow

    The World's Largest Free & Open Research Repository on the Effects & Uses of RPGs

    The Open Science by Design Approach

  Introduction to The RPG Model(s) and 4 Formats

  Code of Conduct



  IF: CYOA: The Abominable Snowman

  IF: Chooseable Path: To Be Or Not To Be (if time to squeeze in also some of Romeo and/or Juliet)


    Work toward completing onboarding.

    Finish at least 1 IF to "successful end"

      Discuss with group online.

Session 2: Orientation Part 2 of 2

  Review of IF assignment and Discussion

  Intro History of RPG

  Intro to the Moral Panic and Ongoing Anti-Gaming/Gamer Movement

  Intro to the Basics of Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT), Neurosciences, Cognitive Neuropsychology (CN), and Therapeutic Recreation (TR) / Recreational Therapy (RT)

    How CFT, Neurosciences, CN, and TR/RT Make for better RPG Experiences

  TR Ability Model

  RPG Ability Model


    SAB: Warlock of Firetop Mountain


    Finalise onboarding setup

    Continue SAB to ending.

Session 3: ____

  Introduction to TRPG Format and Core Concepts Part 1

  Pros and Cons of TRPG Format

  99% of the RPG Publishing Industry Designers  Are Doing It Wrong

  Barriers to Entry: Introductory Play

  Neuroscience of Learning Complex Systems & BECMI D&D

  Assignments: BECMI/BFRPG: SAM1 & SAM2

    SAM1 _____________ and

    SAM2 ________________ (both written by Hawke)

Session 4: ____

 Introduction to TRPG Part 2

  BFRPG Solo Adventures 1 and 2 Discussion

  Using RPGs for Recreational Goals

  Recreational RPG Professional Services

  Intro to APIE

    Intro to APIE: Assessment:

    Play Styles:

      Bartle and others



  Differences in Effects of "Old School" and "New School" RPGs: 


  TRPG: BECMI->BFRPG: Adventure 1: GM's First Adventure:______________________ (dungeon crawl with multiple play styles, role-play, and non-violent solutions available always) (written by Hawke)

  Assignment: Submit for background check so can begin involvement with community programs.

Session 5: ____

  Introduction to TRPG Part 3

  Effects of technologies on TRPG experiences

  TRPG and Virtual Tabletop Tools (VTTs)

  Use of RPGs for Entertainment Goals

  Voicing part 1

  Introduction to APIE: Planning

  Gaming preparation and hygiene

  TRPG: BECMI/BFRPG Adventure: GM's Second Adventure: _______________________ (town and outdoors easy travel adventure) (written by Hawke):

Session 6: _____

  Introduction to APIE: Implementation

    Voicing part 2

  "Good" and "Bad" forms of Escape

  Introduction to Bleed

    Basic Bleed management

  TRPG: BECMI/BFRPG: Adventure 3: Search of Grimfall: (with details and guidance added using BECMI principles too) (Easy base setup, + easy travel + social solution rather than pure killing) write Workbook to be generic enough that either/any adventure can be used.

Session 7: ____

Use of RPGs for Educational Goals

  Introduction to APIE: Evaluation

    Participant Feedback Forms

    Observed Immersion Scale (OIS)

    Peer Review

 TRPG: BFRPG: Adventure 4: AA3: A Temple of Slides and Stairs. Traps, puzzles, and other important RPG experiences, very different from the previous adventure.

Session 8: _____

  Introduction to TRPG Format & Core Concepts Part 3

  Introduction to Gaming Accessibility

  APIE: Documentation

  GM Logs

  PC/NPC Roster

  Turn Management Tips and Tricks

    Tents are best

  TRPG: BFRPG: Adventure 5: AA1: The Vault of Thaire, p. 44. Quest type adventure. Difficult survival (desert). ruins bandits, overwhelming power if foolish enough to stick around in tomb.

Session 9: ____

  Introduction to the The LRPG Format Part 1

  Pros and Cons of LRPG,

  LRPG: NTYE + LRPG-ification:

    Adventures 1: Lost in Dragonsnot Falls

    2: Race Against Time  

    3: (if time for: It's Raining Cats & Dinosaurs)

Session 10: _____

Random Dungeon Generation tools, pros and cons..

 Dark Crystal RPG Introduction

Session 11: ____


RPGs and Technology:

Audio RPGs. TRPG Online (Jitsi, etc.)..

Pros and Cons of ARPGs

Sesssion 12: ____

  Pros an Cons of SCRPGs

  ERPG: SCRPG: That Dragon Cancer, Life is Strange, Dragon Age, and assignment go play NWN: EE solo tutorial for Prelude (prepare for group play next session)

Session 13: ____

Electronic RPGs ERPG Part 1, Group Dynamics,Peer Review, Accessibility in Gaming Continues, Game Violence,

ERPG Part 2, Screen Time, xR, BCI, Gamification, & health-focused games

  ERPG: MRPG: NWN:EE Group Play part 1 (group custom adventure, + DM toolset training, on our controlled server): No One Left Behind "mode". Module designed by Hawke+Others.

Session 14: ____

  ERPG: MRPG:  NWN:EE Group Play part 2 (continued on our controlled server) No One Left Behind "mode": Module design by Hawke+Others.

Session 15: ___

  ERPG: MRPG: NWN:EE  and MMORPG Intro, Artificial Intelligence (AI),  XR-RPG, and BCI-RPG: Allow time for 4th NWN session, but also brief introductions and pros and cons add MMORPGs: WoW, LotRo & DDO, Ultima, as well as add Xr (and later BCI RPG when ready) in remaining time.

Resilience, TPK, Existential Crisis, and Processing Discussions,

ERPG Part 3, Interaction Patterns, Gamer Floaters, Ethical Game Design, Electronic GM Tools for ERPGsd
Introduction to Flow

Hybrid RPGs, Communication Styles, Labyrinth RPG Introduction

Introduction to The Labyrinth RPG,

Session 16: ___

Bleed Management and Flow Management Continued

  TRPG: TS:NWO White Queen, part 1.

Top Secret RPG part 1

Resilience, Effects of Isolation, and Grit, 

Session 17: ___

Use of RPGs for Therapeutic Goals, Effects of Social Isolation,

  TRPG: TS:NWO White Queen, part 2.

Session 18: ___

GM Styles & Beneficial Illusions, Interaction Patterns: 

  TRPG:  Intro to D&D, Saltmarsh part 1

Session 19: ____

Professional and Legal Issues, Individual and Group Identity and Belonging,,

  TRPG: Intro to D&D, Saltmarsh part 2

Session 20: ____

Introduction, Program Participant Dischange/transition planning

  TRPG: Intro to D&D, Saltmarsh part 3

Session 21: ___

TR Enhanced RPG Experience

  TRPG: Intro to D&D, Saltmarsh part 4

Session 22: ___

Behavior Guidance Rules, and Middle-earth RPGs part 1:

  TRPG: Intro to Middle-earth, AiMe -> LotR: Eves of Mirkwood

Session 23: ___

Behavior Guidance Rules Continued,

  TRPG: Middle-earth Revisited, TOR2: Eves of Mirkwood

Session 24: ___

  TRPG: DWAITS Adventure 1 part 1: Arrowdown (modified) (is one session sufficient? Or we needing 2 DWAITS sessions?

  TRPG: Introduction to Golden Sky Stories. We need to create a preset adventure and pregens, which is not exactly how it is designed, but need to do for training purposes.: 

Session 25: ___

  LRPG: Larp: The Hirelings  

Risk Factors, Explanatory Styles, DWAITS part 2

Session 26: ___

  Final Applied Gaming Session (Applied Gaming Buffer, in case need additional game session(s) for any previous adventures that didn't get finished, or else play through Talisman HRPG (White Box), Completing Remaining Diploma Requirements, Preparing for the Final Exam.



  ChangeLog for the Third Edition.



    Printed Index

    User-filled Index



    Terminology Used in this Workbook

    Role-Playing Game Formats





  About the Author




  Further Reading


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