RPG Professional Workbook Second Edition Published

The Role-Playing Game Professional Workbook, Second Edition, published and now available for sale!

Role-Playing Game Professional Workbook Second Edition just published!

Now available for sale through RPG Publishers affiliated outlets!


Created by RPG Therapeutics LLC, 20% of proceeds are donated to non-profit RPG Research.

Developed through 45+ years (~100,000+ hours) of research and evidence-in-practice.

Keep in mind this is a training WORKBOOK, this means it tracks your learning progress, it does _not_ provide the answers to the questions in the workbook.

While some people purchase it out of curiosity, typically the people purchasing the book are attending affiliated training programs in-person or online, or are very good at self-study and researching online to find the answers to the questions in the workbook.

All of RPG Research's role-playing game player and Game Master (GM) volunteers use the workbook to guide their training toward achieving their diplomas.

Other organizations use it for their employees attending training workshops or those who arrange special training contracts through RPG Therapeutics LLC for training certificates, while others sign up for the self-paced online programs through RPG.Education.