Status On Upcoming Publications

This is a long overdue status update on the upcoming publications in the queue for 2023+.

The following publications in our current release queue are in the following stages of development as listed in the "New Third Edition Role-Playing Game Professional Advancement Outline Release" section on this page:

Role-Playing Game Professional Training Series Third Edition:

  • Role-Playing Game Professional (RPGP) Novice Trainee Workbook (90%)
  • RPGP Novice Trainee Study Guide (70%)
  • RPGP Apprenticeship Trainee Workbooks (Volume 1 at 80%)
  • RPGP Apprentice Study Guides (Volume 1 at 60%)
  • RPGP Journeyman Trainee Workbooks (Volume 1 at 70%)
  • RPGP Journeyman Study Guides (Volume 1 at 50%)
  • RPGP Professional Trainee Workbooks (Volume 1 at 60%)
  • RPGP Professional Study Guides (Volume 1 at 40%)
  • Senior RPGP Trainee Workbooks (Volume 1 at 30%)
  • Senior RPGP Study Guides (Volume 1 at 10%)
  • RPGP Mentor Trainee Workbooks (Volume 1 at 20%)
  • RPGP Mentor Study Guides (Volume 1 at 10%)
  • RPGP Executive Workbooks (TBD)
  • RPGP Executive Study Guides (TBD)

Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Gaming (BFRPG)Training Series:

  • BFRPG Solo Adventures Compendium Book 1 (40%)
  • BFRPG Introductory Adventures for New Game Masters and Players Book 1 (20%)

It is expected that the books closer to the top of this list will be released by October and November, while those further down the list are slated for releases during December, and into 2024.

We will keep you posted with more specific release updates in the coming weeks as the authors and peer review processes are completed before undergoing the final editing and publishing processes.