RPG Publishers DBA

Publishing role-playing games, textbooks, manuals, and more.

RPG Publishers DBA is a service offering by RPG Therapeutics LLC part of the growing RPG Organization services and proud member of the RPG Federation.

Titles available through RPG Publishers DBA and planned publication dates:


  • RPG Professionals Handbook (December 2018)
  • Study Guide for the RPG Advocate I Certification (January 2019)
  • Study Guide for the RPG Player Archetype Special I Certification (March 2019)
  • Therapeutic RPG Programs for Special Populations (May 2019)
  • Assessment Tools for RPG Professionals (July 2019)
  • Therapeutic Recreation Role-Playing Games Handbook of Practice (with WHO classification codes) (August 2019)
  • Study Guide for the Tabletop Game Master I Certification (October 2019)
  • RPG Programs for Educational Settings (December 2019)

Additional titles currently in the process of review (no release date yet):

  • RPG Therapy - Using Role-Playing Games for Therapeutic Goals
  • Optimizing the Role-Playing Game Experience - Considerations & techniques for Game Masters to provide players with maximal immersion, potential flow state, and high participant enjoyment ratings.
  • Z-Day City adventure module
  • The Case of the Missing Surgeon adventure module
  • Other Minds Magazine (free PDF issues under Creative Commons)
  • Textbook: RPG-099-01 Introduction to Role-Playing Games
  • Study Guiide for the RPG Facilitator I Certification
  • Study Guide for the Live-Action Role-play Game Master I Certification
  • Study Guide for the Game Master Educator I Certification
  • Study Guide for the Game Master Therapist I Certification
  • Many other titles soon to be announced!

You may ask for our catalog and publication information by sending email to: info at rpgpublishers dot com.

We are still setting up our onlinw store features.

Among other topics, we are a publisher of role-playing games, and other role-playing game related content relevant to roleplaying game publishing.

RPG Publishers DBA staff has been creating content since the 1970s. Our goal is to provide exceptional, distinctive, original content.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Planned release cycle from first to last:

  1. Nearly final draft to select customers discounted E-book release (for final review by larger audience before printing).
  2. Limited release large format hardcovers.
  3. Limited release large format softcovers.
  4. Print on demand smaller format softcovers.
  5. General release E-book version.
  6. Revised editions begin the process from the top.

If you would like to be considered on our select customers discounted E-book nearly-final draft release discount purchase list, contact us.